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What is the hypno gastric band? 

it is not real only in your subconscious mind your mind then believes you have a gastric band  

fitted where you visualise your new stomach as the size of a golf ball

This means that you eat slower and less as you mentally feel much better much quicker.

Your appetite is drastically reduced and weight loss is far more natural because of the gastric 

band sessions. 

It’s a safe and a highly effective method of weight loss and shown throughout clinical trials

worldwide   and is commonly referred to as the hypno gastric band 


The gastric band hypnotic therapy is hundred percent safe.  

The decsion to reduce food consumption, food types and change diet is a perfectly normal

one.  The goal of the therapy is for the client to lose weight, reduce the size of their stomach 

land to increase self confidence and feel far more positive about themselves  


A main advantage of gastric band hypnotherapy is that it allows a far more natural weight

loss occurrence to take place


The savings on the hypno gastric band compared to real surgery is up towards £7000

There is no invasive surgery or rest time


The hypno gastric band helps train the mind about food, managing portion sizes

Promotes a healthy more positive and optimistic future

Lee Savill