List of hypnotherapy treatments

Areas of Practice

35 Pounds Per Hour Session including free consultation

I also give away free relaxation recordings to enquire please contact me at


Hypno Gastric Band

The Hypno gastric band consists of 4 sessions. In these I will help you to feel fuller quicker and to reduce the portion sizes consumed.


These sessions are designed to help dispell stress, relax and unwind. This will help you achieve homeostasis, your balance of mind, body and soul.

WEIGHt loss

Over the course of five sessions, we will look at how and why you gain weight. Then build your inner confidence to take control and return to a happier and healthier body.


Using sessions to access your unconscious mind, I will use the power of suggestion to facilitate positive changes in your mindset of self confidence.


In this one session, you are giving the mindset to positively change and finally take control of your desire to quit smoking and improve your health and well being.

Sports Confidence

Like the confidence sessions, you will be able to use your positive mind set to focus on achieving your goals